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Bhagwanta Ajetrao
Technical Manager

Mobile: 0403 047 411

Our Technical Manager
Advanced Hygienics Technical Manager has wide experience in managing in-house and contract cleaning for food production and processing. Backed by 15 years of managerial experience in Australian food manufacturing companies, he brings a comprehensive knowledge of applicable industry standards.

With a degree in Chemistry plus a master’s in food technology, Bhagwanta is a qualified Lead Auditor following Principles and Applications of HACCP. This includes ongoing review of documentation detailing the changing cleaning needs in standards and audits requirements in your industry.

Based on his knowledge, experience, and expertise, he recognises the on-going challenges faced by the Australian Food Industry. His key objective is, understanding the client’s requirements, providing pragmatic advice and implementing strategies to reach a desired outcome

Our Operations Manager

Advanced Hygienics Operations Manager is an experienced cleaning and sanitation professional, specialising in the challenges of cleaning and sanitation within the food manufacturing industry. Through the past 12 years, he has been instrumental in providing cleaning and sanitation services to medium and large food processors. This includes a range of industries from red meat and poultry to fruits and vegetables. Additionally, Amar has worked with Ready-To-Cook (RTC), Ready-To-Eat (RTE) and small goods producers.

Amar has expertise in food industry cleaning, hands-on knowledge and experience of commercial cleaning. Our Operations Manager will be able to develop tailored services based on your products and expectations. These will meet all applicable Accreditation Standards, WHS and onsite security.

He is able to identify and address any operational weaknesses, complaints or areas for improvement and implement strategies to address any potential concerns. He is meticulous about ensuring effective and immediate communication with clients.

Amar Alkhair
Mobile: 0416 553 556