About Our Company

Advanced Hygienics is formed by partners and has combined 20+ years of experience in providing industrial & commercial cleaning services along with expertise in quality and operational roles in Australian Food manufacturing & processing industries.

 Both partners recognized the importance of cleaning and sanitation requirements in Australian food processing industries and decided on delivering professional cleaning services to food processing facilities and abattoirs at a reasonable rate.

Our staff has proven hands-on experience in the cleaning industry. We strengthen employee skills providing on job and classroom training ensuring all our employees are ready to perform their cleaning and sanitation duties in a safe, efficient and professional manner. Our skilled staff is also trained to follow client’s WHS and environmentally sustainable policies.

 Advanced Hygienics provides specialized industrial and commercial cleaning services to our clients throughout NSW, Victoria, and Queensland.


Why choose us?

We are committed to ensuring that strict cleaning processes and concepts are followed meticulously, to achieve premium quality cleaning for food manufacturing facilities and abattoirs, exceeding our client’s expectations.

We are proactive in providing strategies and implementing short and long-term plans through structured intensive cleaning programmes designed specifically for your business. Our integrated service includes a comprehensive internal audit and assessment of the cleaning practices to identify areas for improvement.

Advanced Hygienics will also implement cleaning processes that feature more environmentally friendly and cost-effective cleaning solutions. Our employees are ready to perform their cleaning and sanitation duties in a safe, efficient and professional manner.

• Customer Satisfaction

Clients satisfaction and approval in our premium cleaning service.

• Flexible Services

Offer flexible services that meet current, evolving and fluctuating needs assuring value for money.

• Professional

Fulfilling all contractual obligations in an effective, professional and timely manner.

• Results

Regular in-house audits and maintenance activities to ensure guaranteed results.

• Support

Support for convenience and peace of mind. We can adapt and change our cleaning schedule to meet your needs.

Our Commitment


Compliance with client’s site safety rules and security requirements


Work resourcefully towards preventing injuries through training, providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and appropriate information to our staff


Commitment to provide training for sustainable environmental practices, including appropriate use of client’s resources, such as water, energy and chemicals


All employees are remunerated in accordance with the Cleaning Services Award 2010

Trained staff

All staff undergo thorough pre-employment screening, followed by an intense training program for cleaning and sanitation. In addition to this commitment, we provide yearly retraining and regular assessments on staff performance to maintain the high standards of the cleaning industry


Transparency in communication and reporting to clients
Our Vision

To continually strive to pursue excellence in the delivery of a premium quality cleaning and sanitation service to our clients

Our Values


Act with honesty, openness and deliver on promises.


Continually adapt processes to deliver excellence in our operations.


Regular in-house audits and maintenance activities to ensure that we deliver and guarantee results.


Regular and transparent communication with clients for mutual understanding.
Our Strengths
• Is Australian owned and operated.

• Maintains comprehensive Public Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance.

• Provides a personalised 24 x 7 service.

• Staff have the skills and experience to provide a safe, efficient and professional cleaning environment.

• Site managers are on call to address clients specific, seasonal and emergency requirements.

• Conduct internal audit and provide a comprehensive assessment of cleaning services to decision makers, identifying key areas for improvement.

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